Species Of Oak

Quercus Robur

English Oak, European Oak French Oak.
European Oak (Quercus Robur) is a temperate hardwood native to most of Europe and is, in fact, the same species as English Oak.

American Oak (Quercus Alba)

Temperate hardwood predominantly found in North America. Similar to European Oak.

Summary and our opinion

Both species are categorised as white oak. The difference between the 2 species is less obvious in comparison to variations between individual trees.

Custom Oak Wine rack Shelves

Sometimes we like to do a little more creative work so we took on a lovely job for making 2 bespoke wine racks using American Oak. The Oak was finished with a dark oak wax and brushed to give an aged look. Brushed Oak is achieved by running the Oak through a wire roller that essentially distresses the timber and creates random grooves and textures.

We have considered providing a brushed finish on our shelves but generally customers are looking for the more contemporary type look for shelving to match their interiors.